Invited to live

Focusing our existence
on the energy of universal love

The mission of Invitation to Life (IVI) is

to welcome visitors in its centres throughout the world, to listen to them, and to offer harmonisation, which calms and revitalises the soul and the body

to accompany those who wish it on a journey of prayer and transformation

and to rediscover the diversity and the beauty of this Earth by way of pilgrimages which inspire us to work for its preservation

Yvonne Trubert
Discover Yvonne Trubert, the founder of Invitation to Life

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Paroles d'Yvonne Trubert

Love is the soul. It's this energy which is still practically unknown to humanity, which will make us greater than everything else that is alive on earth. This soul is love, the capacity for action and interaction between humans. It's this impulse which will give us, at every moment, the possibility of sublimating ourselves, expanding beyond ourselves, because you think you're limited, don't you? No, you're not. No human being is limited! We are Limitless because we are the image of God, our Creator.

Learning how to live is learning that others, who are similar to us, and yet so different in their appearance, in their aspect, the colour of their skin ... in our different languages. They are all identical to us. This inner power is the same in each and every one of us, and it is of divine essence. It's this extraordinary spark which is present in all of us and that we have to learn to discover in the deepest part of ourselves...

Our means of communication with others who are there, beyond the seas, hundreds of kilometres from us, or else very close to us, but whose language we don't understand, with whom communication is impossible because, quite simply, we do not think the same thoughts, we don't speak the same language, we don't understand the same things, the same effects, we don't have the same philosophy – prayer is the point of junction. It's the point of union, the point of the reunion of human beings, one with the other. It's the possibility of communicating beyond all obstacles.

If your baby arrives only after nine months of presence, it's because that's how long it took to reach perfection. And if we are impatient about certain facts of our lives, the realisation of our work, our career, our love life or friendships, it's because we need time enough to achieve maturity, and also the maturity of others. Persevering means going beyond the limits of the horizon, our own horizon.

Humanity would live so well if we knew how to forgive others ... How can you expect a life without war or revolution if, in our own families, we continue to hate one another, or fail to understand one another? ... We remain strangers for one another because we have not been able to love totally. We have to accept forgiveness as the first step towards our freedom. When we have not forgiven, there are chains in the invisible world that tie us together, because we will not leave the other person alone, and they won't leave you alone either. So, throw off the chains, free yourselves. Didn't Christ say : "I have come to set you free?"


Transformation proceeds uninterrupted, and then comes the phase when we begin to see things more plainly, when we've cleared away most of our problems. Then we have to take up our pilgrim's staff and march straight ahead, leaving behind the zones of introspection which no longer have much significance… Then the words of Christ become clear: "Pick up your life and follow me."


I had always been seeking, ardently but without success, an explanation for life, for the world ... I found what I was looking for through the words of Yvonne Trubert, the founder of Invitation to Life (IVI). Her message illuminated the zones of darkness hidden in the deepest parts of my being. I felt the evidence of the presence of God, the connection of human love with divine love, which can be expressed at every second of the ordinary moments of daily life ... God is discreet, present in silence, in everything large or small. I have found unity, coherence with my inner world, and by moments, the stability of an indescribable peace.


What struck me most in my first experiences with Invitation to Life, was the well-being and calm that I felt. At that time, I had been suffering for years with spasmophilia and terrifying panic attacks. Progressively, all these painful symptoms faded away. This approach helped me to untangle the illusory mechanisms of fear.


In Invitation to Life, I discovered that people love me – they'll tell you so. In general, most people, even if they love you, they won't tell you. In IVI, even if they don't like you, they'll make an effort to love you! It's not always easy – you have to love yourself to love others.


An essential aspect of what IVI gives me in my family life is definitely the hopeful outlook – we live in a difficult world, but I am able to assimilate hope, and I try to show my children that everything is possible, that this world is not closed to them, unemployment is not inevitable … Everyone can find their place and their journey as long as they have a hopeful attitude. Of course, you have to fight for it…


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